10th Legion

The 10th Legion is an elite mercenary company based in Ustalav. Their sigil is a golden eagle over a black field. Until sixteen days ago (from the start of the campaign), they were led by Legate Cordell Hawkwood and operated out of the Golden Eagle in Ardis.

The 10th Legion had operatives that served as bodyguards to many of the wealthy of Caliphas, Ardis, and Lepidstadt. The Legion also performed short-term missions and lengthy campaigns, often at the patronage of King Ustav III. Cordell managed the largest operations and the smaller ones in Ardis while multiple tribunes oversaw assignments, pay, and recruitment elsewhere in Ustalav.

Pay in the Legion is directly based on the assignments completed. Starting out, recruits would make nothing but have access to lodgings and food. They would squire for another member, but not make any money from the contract unless their mentor shared part of their cut. As they trained and began to take assignments for themselves, the pay would become extravagant but the work was often extremely risky. The less risky jobs were reserved for veteran members who were proven and reliable, but most members die before reaching that point.

Just over two weeks ago, 10th Legion operations in Ardis came to a halt. Most of the Legion in the area – including the Legate himself – set off on a mission from King Styvian Ustav and have not returned. Details of the mission were on a need-to-know, but they were meant to return in 6 days and the pay was good. There has been no sign of them since then and they are presumed dead.

10th Legion

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