Characters and Inspiration

In terms of mechanics of character creation, any official WotC race (and variant), class, and background are allowed. We will start at 2nd level with some extra gold (EDIT: 500 gold). 4d6 drop the lowest for stats. Keep it honest, keep it sane.
This all being said, I would like to work with everyone to figure out their character thematically in the world. Since the character options as-is are pretty limited, I’m very open to homebrewing a class, race, subclass, or feat as needed. As a bonus, whatever I homebrew will probably be mad OP (but do understand if I nerf something after play starts).

For basic information, see Setting Information. As of writing this, that page is barely started but should be a starting point.

Also see Character Hook

Most of the campaign aesthetics have been based on Bloodborne, MtGs Innistrad, and Ravenloft. Since the campaign world is based on a lot of these, any of these would not be a bad place to start digging around for character inspiration. I’ve also stolen a lot of names from these settings because I suck at that. Hopefully that won’t be too confusing.

Bloodborne: The firearms and aesthetics match Bloodborne’s quite a bit. Many of the gear and tools of the Hunters fit well in Caliban. While I have no direct parallels to Yharnam’s Healing Church, there are bound to be similar organizations in the world and your character could have history with them. Blood, curses, and dreams play a less of a role in this campaign setting. (I have not read this recently, but it probably has Old Hunters DLC spoilers. Be warned)

Innistrad: Outside of the Angels & Demons vibe, Innistrad matches Caliban well. There is less of an importance placed on religion that comes with the lack of angels, but there are plenty of individuals driven by a divine cause. A lot of the artwork from Innistrad has inspired my vision of the world and could definitely be used as character art or a starting point for a concept.

Ravenloft: Ravenloft is the closest existing tabletop RPG (maybe Dark Ages oWoD as a close second?). In Caliban, there are not any entities that are similar to the Darklords or the Dark Power. Not known ones, anyway.

Berserk: Apparently this is a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything. Wigwams.

Exotic Race note
The people of Caliban are wary of outsiders and those they view outside of the norm. You can 100% play a Tiefling or some other exotic race, but people will be slow to trust and most likely initially disdain the character. On Caliban, any race may bear children with bizarre mutations and Tieflings, Aasimars, and any other mixed blooded races are considered to be just another mutation. While this mutation may be secretly due to fiendish heritage (it is also possible it isn’t!), it is highly unlikely your character or anyone else knows that is the case. Perhaps a traveling hag whispered your true origins to you in your youth or you believe you are the son of a great devil and wish to gain his attention, but there is little certainty in your nature. We can work out the deets for your character in particular.

I think it would be neato if people came up with concept-first characters. We can figure out how to make them work mechanically. No weeaboo magic girls allowed. Sry my wigwams.

Characters and Inspiration

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