Character Hook

It was mid afternoon when King Styvian Ustav was dragged out of his keep by three Lamplighters. The sky was a dark gray and it rained throughout the day, but there was an unsettling silence to it all. In Ardis, not a single crack of thunder could was heard. Word was spread that there was to be important news for all in the city and a crowd of several thousand gathered in the streets in the center of the town. The once King was dragged by his arms out of Stagcrown Keep and towards the well across from the keep’s gates. One Lamplighter at each arm, and the third in front with an orb of light in his hand. Gagged and bound, the King was forced to kneel at the well’s edge, just before the lone beam of sunlight on this gray afternoon. City guard and mercenary alike held back the surge of the crowd pushing forward to see the events unfold.

Finally, the Lamplighter leading the trio spoke.

“Styvian Ustav died many years ago. What cowers before you is not a man. It is a creature with foul blood of the night. This… thing has mislead the people of this city astray for over two decades. That ends now. It is a vampire that will perish in the flames of the sun.”

Ustav is dragged into the ray of sunlight and held there by all three Lamplighters. His undead flesh hissed and his body twisted and shuddered in pain. Most of the crowd froze in shock at the sight. Three dozen others charged toward the once king, being struck down and pulled back by guards. The rain continued to fall, but it seemed that no one noticed.

It was less than a minute after the king entered the light when he let out a terrible screech. His back arched in a sickly manner as his body crumbled to a mist that burned away in the sun.

“The King is no more.”

It has been a week since the king’s death. The king’s majordomo, Damon Maldanado, serves as regent for the time being. There are worries that the heir – being half-vampire – is unfit to rule and many seek the heir to suffer the same fate as the king. Regent Maldanado, under the council of the Lamplighters, has given the heir three tasks. Completion of these tasks will prove the heir’s loyalty to the people of Ustalav while also destroying the twisted creatures Ustav III allied himself with during his reign.

Your circumstances have led you to serve under the heir and see these tasks through. How exactly this came to be is up to you.

(NOTE: The heir has been left intentionally ambiguous. Someone playing as the heir is totally cool. Just let me know ASAP. You will have a larger spotlight in the earlier part of the campaign, but it shouldn’t last too much beyond that).

Talk to me if you are having trouble coming up with a connection to the heir or the tasks.

Character Hook

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